Thank you everyone,

for your endless support.

In a time so manipulated by technology and a population so disconnected from each other from the lack of necessity to have physical interface, we pride ourselves in the ability to preserve the time period where cell phones didn’t exist. When one steps through the doors of Henry’s they are not only greeted with the warm smiles of our team but are immediately consumed by the alluring atmosphere of a truly authentic American eatery restored to it’s former glory.


With a comprehensive menu featuring breakfast, lunch and dinner not only can we satisfy the most insatiable of appetites but can deliver the most tantalizing of flavors with any order. We feature take-out as well as dining in allowing our customers not only to grab a quick lunch but to also sit down and reminisce. With complete dedication to our customers experience and ideas we have ever-changing specials throughout the week as well as a experienced social media team constantly scouting for additions to the menu based on consumer demand.

We hope that you can make it to our section of the quiet corner to check us out and that your experience is a good one. The people of this community are some of the most hardworking and delightful individuals you can meet, so when you are grabbing a quick sandwich or sitting down with your family, strike up a conversation with someone, there is sure to be a great story.


Our Customers Have A Lot To Say About Us

I remember coming here before school back in the 1980’s. Grabbing a MAD magazine, a Slush Puppy or one of the many candies at the counter. Today, I felt that same warm happy feeling I had as a kid. The place looks great. The breakfast was delicious. The wait staff was so pleasant and friendly. I had the best “at the counter” discussions with my fellow customers. Love this place and can’t wait to return!
This place is so cute inside! Feels just like a 50’s diner. I like that you can see them cooking your breakfast right at the counter. Breakfast was delicious, it was the perfect portion and very reasonably priced. The staff was very friendly. I will definitely be back! Next time for lunch!
Cool place with great food and great people. Love the history behind it. They did a great job with the place. Go in and check it out!